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There’s a lot going on at Kent Street Community Church, Kent Street, Latchford, Warrington WA4 1BT

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Bob Sheldon (Elder)

07484 170714


Esther Prescott (Secretary)

07761 838256

Lamentations 3:23 Great is Your faithfulness


Dear Brothers & Sisters


Sundays Morning Service 10.30am 

 Evening Service 6.00pm

Bible Study & Prayer Monday Evening 7pm

Harvest Breakfast Bar Wednesdays 9.45am - 11.45am


Prayer Meeting 11am to 12am

Youth4U 7pm to 8.30pm (School Terms)


Friday Mornings 9.30am to 11am Kiddiwinks (School Terms)

1st Friday in the month Prayer meeting 7pm to 9pm

3rd Friday in the month Prayer for Israel 7pm to 9pm












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  1. THE TRINITY We believe in One Living and True God, Creator of all, eternal in three  persons as Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Him alone we worship and adore.
  2. GOD THE FATHER We believe that God the Father Almighty, in holy love, gave his Son for the salvation of mankind.
  3. GOD THE SON We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is God the Son. For our sake he became man, was truly human and truly divine, and lived a sinless human life. We believe that He reveals the Father, that He died to atone for our sins, rose from the dead, ascended to heaven and was exalted. He is our Advocate, Mediator and Lord. We believe that He will return personally in power and glory.
  4. GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT We believe that God the Holy Spirit convinces of sin, righteousness and judgement. He causes those who repent to be born anew and dwells within them, witnessing to their salvation and developing the fruit of a Godly life. He endows believers with gifts for the up building of the Church. He glorifies Jesus.
  5. MANKIND We believe that all people are sinful and are unable to deliver themselves from the guilt, penalty and power of their sin.
  6. SALVATION We believe that salvation from the guilt, penalty and power of sin to eternal life is a free gift of God. Salvation is His purpose for all mankind and is only possible through personal faith in the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that all must stand before the final judgement of Christ and that those who have refused His salvation will be separated eternally from God.
  7. THE BIBLE We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God and are the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
  8. THE CHURCH We believe that the Church is the whole company of the redeemed in heaven and on earth and consists of all who are united to God through faith in Christ. We believe that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, which is His body. The purpose of the Church is to worship God, to promote the fellowship of his people, to preach the Gospel and to make disciples of all nations.
  9. THE SACRAMENTS We believe that the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s supper are to be practised in obedience to the command of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that in the observance of the Lord’s supper, Christ is certainly and really present, though not bodily in the elements. When used by believers with faith and prayer, the sacraments are, through the operation of the Holy Spirit, outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace.
  10. THE CHRISTIAN LIFE We believe in the priesthood of all believers, affirming that each believer has direct access to God through the Lord Jesus Christ. The individual believer is required to render obedience to Christ in every area of life, seeking always, under His direction, the advancement of His Kingdom.



  1. CHURCHES Each Church is self-governing.  Subject to the Church's trust deed, the members meeting is the final authority in all matters affecting the Church.
  2. CIRCUITS Groups of Churches are associated in Circuits for mutual benefit. The meetings of the Circuits are deliberative in character and recommendations can only be effective by the co-operation of each Church. The organization of each Circuit is outlined in its rules.
  3. CONNEXION All member Churches constitute the Connexion of Independent Methodist Churches. The organization of the Connexion is outlined in its constitution.
    [a]     Every believer is called to service in the Kingdom of God, there being no distinction between one believer and another beyond that of function. It is recognised that  differing talents, spiritual gifts and ministries are bestowed on believers for the benefit of the church as a whole. Each church should, therefore, recognise and cultivate the talents, gifts and ministries of its members so that it may function as a ministering fellowship.
    [b]     To assist in church leadership, pastoral responsibility and the ministry of the Word and sacraments, the Connexion commissions to its ministry those who have been  called to ministerial appointment in one or more of the Connexion’s churches and who have met the qualifications laid down in the current statement on Ministry. 
    [c]     To assist in the wider ministry of the Word, the Connexion commissions and accredits  preachers who have been nominated by their church and Circuit and who have met  the appropriate qualifications laid down in the current Statement on Ministry. 
    [d]     The Connexion may, from time to time, provide training and accredit people to other specified ministries in the Connexion, such as Bible teachers, evangelists, missioners, missionaries and youth workers. 
    [e]     The Connexion makes no provision for the financial support of any personnel other than its central staff, evangelists and overseas missionaries.
  5. MISSION The Connexion is concerned with the spread of the Gospel at home and overseas. Where required, Churches and Missions are assisted and new Churches or Missions may be formed, using Connexional resources of finance and personnel. 



Leadership Team

Merle Astley

Merle Astley

Founder Leader of both Westy & KCC Churches. I came to the Lord in 1975 and an IM Minister in 1988. I presently work in pastoring and coordinating the work here and jointly leader of two midweek meetings.

Chris Banner

Chris Banner

Hello! My name is Chris Banner. I’m a mother, mother in law, sister and granny, My heart’s desire is to see people come into a living relationship with the Lord Jesus; to grow in Him, be set free to have hope. Hope that is a certainty, is sadly missing in life, and can only be found in the person of the Lord Jesus, who offers it to all who come to Him.

Bob Sheldon

Bob Sheldon

I arrived at Kent St in July 2014. I’ve been a Christian since 1981 and currently run the bible study/prayer meetings on Monday evenings. I’m also a member of the Warrington & Halton Gideons..

Jackie Cooper

Jackie Cooper

Leader of Events Organisation, a leader of Kids Church and leader of Community Breakfast

Gill Cooper

Gill Cooper

I’ve been with the Fellowship since I came to the Lord around 2005. I enjoy helping in different areas of the running of the Church, but particularly working with the Youth - I help organise the Outings for them. Over the years we’ve worked very closely with Latchford Baptist’s Youth leaders.

Esther Prescott

Esther Prescott

I gave my life to Jesus as a child and have followed Him ever since. I have been attending Kent Street Church (formerly Westy Christian Fellowship) since 2002. I have been assisting in the practical running of the church and its finances since 2008. I also enjoy playing the flute in the music group.

Mission Workers

Liz Greenhalgh – Romania

Liz Greenhalgh – Romania

(Updated Jan 2022)

My name is Liz Greenhalgh and I am a member of Kent Street Community Church. I have been serving in Romania since February 2009, starting out in Brasov, Transylvania.

In August 2016 I moved to a new location; Campina, where I initially spent 4 years supporting women to overcome their addiction problems at a Rehab centre and also serving part time with my church.

Currently, I am serving full-time with the church; where I help to lead the thriving youth group, serve at their social canteen for the poor; helping with the food preparation as well as delivering it out to the homes. I keep in regular contact, with a lady in a prison, whom we were visiting as part of a group, before the pandemic and more recently I set up a project to work with children who are a little older and still don’t know the basics of reading and writing and have therefore fallen far behind at school. My role with children also extends to overseeing one of the Sunday-School groups and partaking in outreach activities in the local Roma villages as well as well as running summer camps.

I have been a part of the Ellel Ministry Team since 2016, after completing their 2 year modular school in Bucharest. This involves monthly visits to the course and also helping with ministry on the healing retreats.

Search ‘Centrul Crestin Nehemia’ on Facebook to see more about the church


To contact Liz via email:


To give Liz a donation, her bank details are:

Barclays Bank

Sort Code 20-91-48

Account Number 73377970


Update September 2022

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. His greatness, no one can fathom. Psalm 145:3

Please accept my apologies for the time that is has taken to send another update. A lot has happened since May (as I am sure is the same for everybody) I have celebrated with joy, the things that the Lord has been doing as well as experiencing struggles and sadness in other things. Despite these situations and challenges coming along, the Lord, has remained faithful in all things and through all of these things, we are strengthened in our faith and we experience His goodness.

After-school: We had a small end of year celebration, inviting the children’s parents. Not all of them came, but most sent a different family member, instead. The children demonstrated the great progress that they had made this year and they were encouraged and affirmed in what they had learned and in what their strengths are. It was a great celebration!  We celebrated a few days later, with a trip to the zoo, which was something new and of course very exciting for them to see the wild animals close up.

Praise God for how He has provided for this coming school year, in order to expand the project; an American missionary will teach English, another lady who could not continue with us, thankfully, can do so, she is great with the kids. Also, a 17 year old, has agreed to help, providing that her school timetable fits and very surprisingly a lady from church, who works full-time as a Director of a company, wants to be involved and to teach the Maths part. So it now means that the team and the curriculum and the number of children can be expanded, praise God, because it was really natural how more people were able to be involved! The next part is to resolve with transport, since we have to bring the kids to the church and they will no longer all fit into one mini-bus.

Through working with the Ukrainians, I have made contact with a Christian teacher that works in the school where there is a lot of need, so she will help me to select more children. There are currently 6 and it would be great to be able to bless another 6, or 8. Please pray about the transport and the selection of the new children.

Children’s work: It was a privilege to be able to put together the 3 day camp for the children from the villages. Around 85 children from disadvantaged backgrounds came in smaller groups over 3 days. The Lord put the verse from Jeremiah 29:13 on my heart. The children had a great time as they took part in many activities that reaffirmed this message over and over. We are excited to see fruit from the past few years of investment. Children that are now teens, which we hadn’t seen for a period are now returning and being serious with the Lord.

Youth work: We had a great time at youth camp in August, with 5 days at the black sea. We put together our own programme during the day (spiritual and relaxation) and then in the evening, we drove to the next town, where there was a Christian concert happening for 4 evenings.

We see how the Lord really touched the hearts of the young people, especially one boy, who was always very insecure and always hiding under is cap. He is now more integrated and even volunteered first to pray in the group last week, which something he never would have done before camp. He also wants to get baptised soon. He lives with his Mum and two sisters and he has a tough home life. I feel that he will be the one to be the change in his family, to bring the hope of the Lord there and to be the example.

Three of the Ukrainian teenage boys were able to join us, they had a great time and the boy that I have been working more closely with was touched by the Lord through prayer as the pastor prayed. Even if it was difficult for them to understand what was being said, the presence of the Lord translates across any language, changing hearts and lives. Praise God!

The Lord gave the word ‘greatness,’ as a theme for the talks on the camp and we talked about the greatness of God and also what it means to be great, in the Lord’s eyes, which based on the bible, greatness requires us to be humble and to serve others, putting them before ourselves. As always, Gods Quite opposite of the what the world considers great.

We see how the group continues to grow and we are expecting more young people in the coming months as we hear people in the group inviting their friends. It’s is amazing what God is doing!

Work with the Ukrainians: They have needed a lot of support and I am still helping one particular family, who needs extra support. The lady who has broken her ankle had her operation and now goes to physiotherapy. It has been very difficult for her to say the least. It has given us opportunity to pray with her and show her God’s love.

Very sadly, one of the ladies that I worked a lot with in the beginning, passed away in August. She was only 34 and she was a lovely girl and we had had times to pray together. Somehow, she got an infection in her blood and despite the intense treatment that she was receiving whilst in an induced coma, she did not recover. It was very sad, more so that she had left the Ukraine with her Mum, in order to be safe and her Mum returned to the Ukraine without her. It was a big shock and trauma for her Mum, who had taken care of her disabled daughter for her whole life.

Prison: As I receive the letters from the lady that I write to, I feel happy as I sense the differene of the tone of her letters and in what she writes. She seems to be experiencing more of the Lord in a more real way. Praise God for the way that He is working in her heart. Please pray that she will really sense His love, knowing it in her heart that she is loved and seen by her creator and Heavenly Father, and not just knowing this in her head.  

Continued thanks and appreciation for your support!




Praise and thanks for:

  • For provision for the after school and personally.
  • The way in which He worked in the hearts of the young people, the lady in prison and for the ideas and creativity needed for the children’s camps.


  • Protection over the hearts of the young people who were touched on the youth camp and for the Lord to continue to work in them as well as in the hearts of the Ukrainian families.
  • For Lucia, the lady in prison, that God will continue to reveal himself to her, and more importantly that she will RECEIVE His love and forgiveness.  




History of Kent Street

In the mid 1990’s the Lord gave a vision of a Mustard Seed to two leaders who were running a Coffee Bar at Stockton Heath IM Church. The vision was to plant another work in the Westy area of Warrington.  The aim was to share the Gospel and give practical help to the needy people in that area. The work began in the Community House in Westy Lane with a view of moving into the nearby St. Margaret's Hall which at that point was empty and vandalised. The small group met there for 2yrs., not realizing that this was merely a stepping stone; because during that time Warrington Borough Council had released funding and work was completed in refurbishing the building which is now Latchford Hub. In 1998 The Coffee Bar became one of the first groups to meet in St. Margaret's, and the Mustard Seed began to grow!

Within months a 2nd work began as children came into the Centre and the encouragement was there to start a work known as The King’s Club. Then in Feb. 2000 in Bolton Council School, Westy Christian Fellowship began Sunday Services. In 2002 as part of the Luis Palau Mission to Warrington, Ketty Palau was invited to speak at a lunch organised by the Fellowship. This was particularly blessed as out of the 100 people who attended, 30 made further enquiries and 4 made definite commitments to follow Jesus.

The fellowship continued to meet at St Margaret's Hall weekdays and Sundays at the School over several more years and the number of people attending both venues grew. During this time the Lord gave a further vision to the Fellowship to have their own building, this eventually came to fruition in the summer of 2010!

Kent Street Mission, Latchford, was suffering through falling numbers and an ageing congregation, and finding it difficult to maintain the building. The leaders of Kent Street asked Westy Christian Fellowship whether they would like to have the building. After much prayer and discussion by the leaders it was decided that this was the Lords plan for the church. From this point on Westy Christian Fellowship became known as Kent Street Community Church.

Substantial renovation of the church building was necessary to deal with structural problems and to modernise the layout and fixtures and fittings. The first phase was completed in 2011, and the second phase in 2015. A large proportion of the finances needed for this work was kindly given via grants from WREN and Viridor Credits respectively.

The founders of Kent Street Mission had a tremendous heart for the community and this was their legacy to us today. Our vision is not just to be a Church but to take the Gospel message into the Community. As we go we reach out in the love of Christ Jesus “Love in Action”. The structural work at this stage may be finished, but “people” work is still very much ongoing, and the Fellowship fully acknowledges that “except the Lord build the House, we labour in vain”.




Safeguarding Policy Statement

The following statement has been agreed by the leadership of Kent Street Community Church, Warrington.

This church is committed to the safeguarding of children and adults at risk, and to ensuring their well-being.

  • We believe that all children and adults at risk should know that they are valued within the church and safely enjoy and have access to every aspect of the life of our church.
  • We respect the personal dignity and rights of children and adults at risk (for example, as set out in the Human Rights Act 1989 and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) and will ensure that our policies and procedures reflect this.
  • We recognise that we all have a responsibility to help prevent the physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect of children under 18 years of age.
  • We recognise that we all have a responsibility to help prevent the physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, financial, discriminatory abuse and neglect of adults at risk.
  • We recognise that domestic abuse affects both adults and children and believe that domestic abuse in all its forms is unacceptable and inconsistent with a Christian way of living.
  • We will report any abuse of children or adults at risk that we discover or suspect.
  • Where an allegation suggests that a criminal offence may have been committed, the police will be contacted as a matter of urgency.
  • We recognise that Children’s Services has responsibility for investigating all allegations or suspicions of abuse where there are concerns about a child, and that Adult Services do so for adults at risk.
  • We acknowledge that Local Authority Designated Officers (LADOs) have responsibility for dealing with all allegations and concerns about people working with children.
  • We recognise that safeguarding is a whole church responsibility.


We are committed to:

  • The establishment of a loving environment, which is safe and caring, and where there is an informed vigilance about the dangers of abuse.
  • Following the relevant legislation, statutory, denominational and specialist guidelines in relation to safeguarding children and adults at risk.
  • Ensuring that we keep up to date with national and local developments relating to safeguarding.
  • Building constructive links with the relevant Voluntary and Statutory Authorities.
  • Taking all reasonable steps to ensure that as a church, everyone works within the agreed procedures of our safeguarding policies.
  • Supporting the Safeguarding Coordinator and Deputy in their work and in any action they may need to take in order to protect children and adults at risk.
  • Following a selection and appointment process which includes a clear DBS check of all those who wish to work with children and adults at risk.
  • Supporting, supervising, resourcing and training all those who undertake work with children and adults at risk.
  • Ensuring that the children and adults we have contact with know that they are valued and feel empowered to tell us if they are suffering harm.
  • Reporting any abuse of children or adults at risk that we discover or suspect.
  • Supporting all those in our church who are affected by abuse.
    • Supporting and supervising those who pose a risk to children or adults at risk, implementing contracts of behaviour e.g. code of conduct, whilst bearing in mind the overarching principle that the welfare of the child is paramount.
    • If an assessment is made that someone poses an unmanageable risk to those in need of protection and could not safely attend our church, we will ensure that they continue to be offered pastoral care and will signpost them to appropriate agencies for  support.


Name:  Merle Astley (on behalf of the church leadership team)